Zenodys Native Computing Engine

Zenodys Native Computing Engine

Zenodys is Visual Development Tool, sandboxed execution environment and decentralized marketplace of digital assets. These aspects might seems unrelated at first sight, but properly combined together they create a marketplace where everyone, regardless of programming skills, are able to trade their digital assets.

For example, non developers can easily create applications with just drag’n’dropping visual icons and setting their properties inside Visual Development Tool. Applications can gather data from their devices and other sources and are executed off-chain inside sandboxed execution environment. Gathered digital assets are then published on distributed Digital Assets Marketplace.

Applications on consumer side are similar to ones on supply side. But instead of publishing digital assets to marketplace, they deliver purchased digital assets from marketplace.

Visual Development Tool is browser based IDE for visually connecting microservices (Elements). Created visual scripts are then executed by orchestration tool (Computing Engine) on edge devices in sandboxed execution environment.